Insurance Solutions We Offer



For the average person their home is their most cherished asset. Why would you risk having insufficient coverage something so meaningful? We have a number of different carriers that offer superior coverage forms and endorsements that keep you protected. 

Bunsiness Owners

Business Owners coverage is an excellent solution for customers running a small to mid size business. The Business Owners policy is packaged to provide both property and liability coverage for those types of business. 

Commercial Package policy

Commercial Package Policies are an excellent way for businesses to provide coverage from property and liability exposures. Coverage can be customized to help customers protect themselves from a number of perils that pose risks to their particular business. 


Obtaining auto insurance is a need for all individuals and families that have vehicles on the road. Our agency represents a number of carriers that offer competitive pricing, great customer service and exceptional claims experience that are sure to satisfy customers. 

commercial auto

Auto policies are also a need for businesses that have vehicles in order to operate. Whether it is a fleet or a couple company cars, our agency can help customers obtain coverage from a number of carriers that provide coverage for their commercial vehicles. 

workers compensation

Workers compensation provides coverage to workers who are injured or disabled during the course of employment. This is an especially  important type of coverage that every business owner should have and maintain while they are operating. 

Dwelling Fire

Renting out a secondary property is not uncommon to our customers. Dwelling Fire policies offer a variety of coverage options and flexibility for these assets. We can help customers select policy coverages that support their insurance needs.

commercial property

Insured's can own commercial real estate for a variety of reasons. Real estate income, business headquarters, storage facilities, warehouses - there are many uses of commercial property. Regan & Associates has a number of different carriers that can provide coverage for this type of real estate. 

Umbrella Coverage

Umbrella coverage provides liability coverage over and above a customer's personal or commercial policy. This added liability coverage is a great way to protect assets from the threat of major claims and lawsuits.